Who said that Cairo has nothing but Cafes, Cinemas, El Moez, and El Hussein?

Last weekend, we enjoyed the beach, and saw old monuments in Alexandria, now that we’re relaxed, let’s try something different this weekend inside Cairo. Did you know that you can zipline inside Cairo, and see one of the biggest monasteries at the same time? It’s just 20 minutes away from Downtown in El Mokkatam.

The first thing you can do in Al-Mokattam is visit the Monastery of Simon Kharraz.


After visiting the monastery, head over to Mario High Ropes to try a bunch of different games. If you’re under 18, you’ll need to bring one of your parents, but that won’t stop you from having fun and taking part in the games.

The place is open all weekdays from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM, except on Sundays where it opens after 2:00 PM because of the prayers held inside the church.

Don’t forget to reserve first! Call 01200140662.

How will you go?

You can go by car, and park inside the Monastery, it’s safe and free. Or you can go by public transportation through El-Abageya, and then take a Tuktuk for 15 EGP to the monastery.

What can you do?

High ropes have three levels of ropes embedded from the highest point to the lowest on the mountain. The place itself is ideal for photography and enjoying fun physical activities with your friends.

  1. Zip Line

The first game is the zip line, and it’s the simplest and most fun. It consists of towers linked with ropes, which will let you fly and watch the church from the highest point on the mountain.

The price of this game is 50 EGP

2.  Rock Climbing


The second game is rock climbing. You should start with this one before the other two because it needs a high level of energy. You’ll be tied to another person to maintain your balance, and you’ll get to climb the rocks as if you’re one of the Ninja Turtles. You’ll be rewarded with a great view of Cairo at the end.

The price is 75 LE.

3.  Rope Games


Finally, there are two rope games: High Ropes and Low Ropes. The only difference between them is the height. You hold on to ropes while trying to walk across the wooden planks.

The low ropes game costs 75 pounds, and the high ropes game costs 100 pounds.

Things to Remember:

1- It’s better to take sandwiches with you.
2- You don’t need to take water with you, you will find some there.
3- You will be provided with all the suitable clothing to play the games (Gloves and Suites).
4- Go wearing things like sweatpants, running shoes, t-shirts, caps, and Sunglasses.
5- Make a reservation before going.
6- You don't have to play all the games.

If you want to see Cairo from a bird’s eye view, visit Mario High Ropes, and you will feel like you went back in time and became a child again.

Know any other places with outdoor activities to go to inside Egypt? Let us know in the comments!