I’m sure after checking our review on The Forty Rules of Love, you couldn’t help but read it, right? So, welcome back wanderer! You have returned from a journey to the 13th century that must have taught you a lot about love and spirituality. 

As I understand the overwhelming feeling of emptiness after finishing such a book, I will help you search for similar books to read.

If you liked Elif Shafak:

Elif Shafak has her own distinct way of telling a story: her diction takes you from your room to the world of the novel with each detail and each scene directed precisely. On top of that, Shafak opens the reader’s mind to new unconventional questions challenging the traditional. She also criticizes culture and the submission to it.

  • 10  Minutes and 38 Seconds in This Strange World

Aside from the title, which is really captivating, this book narrates a story from a totally unique angle: the protagonist recalls her whole life in the 10 minutes and 38 seconds after her heart stopped beating. Such a novel opens the door for the readers to delve deep into the memories of a dying girl in a rubbish bin. Those memories are not only horrific to read about, but they also expose a mindset of a family that predetermined their daughter’s life, forcing her to live a tragedy. From a girl who only desires to go out and play to a sex worker with a tragic death.

  • Honor


Honour is a powerful, mind twisting novel that represents contemporary Turkish literary canon. In 300 pages, the story is woven around three generations of the Toprak family. The Toprak’s family tree gets thinner with each hit of the axe of honour killing and family members killing one another. Female members are the ones who reject and object to this abhorrent tradition and they try to bring the family back together.

To Continue the Spiritual Journey:

We cannot deny the fact that The Forty Rules of Love opens a door into the spiritual realm for us. So here are other books that can open this door for you.

  • Reclaim Your Heart 

This is more of  “ a manual about the journey of the heart in and out of the ocean of this life” than a novel. In this book, Yasmin Mogahed answers life-long questions that bug us during our existence on the surface of Earth. So, instead of just diving into a spiritual realm, this book will renew your faith and cleanse your heart.

  • Aleph     

Spirituality has various entrances that lead to one center: the connection between one and himself. The dominant idea of this book is that travelling around the world is a straight path to get closer to your inner self, which is the protagonist’s approach to connect with his soul. The novel is narrated by Paulo Coelho himself; it is an autobiography. Are you where you want to be? Doing what you want to do? These are the questions Coelho wants you to think of and find an answer to.


These are our recommendations for you, do you have an addition to the list? Drop a title in the comments section!