Cairo has so many secrets that its residents know nothing about. If you don’t have enough energy to travel, you can go to another heritage site, but this time in El Maadi. It’s the Wadi Degla Reserve, and it’s 40 minutes away from Downtown. It’s a perfect outing for a group of friends or a family gathering.

In the Wadi Degla Reserves area, you can return to nature. A quiet and pure spot away from the noise of modern life. It’s a life of isolation amid the mountains, and I recommend it for safari enthusiasts and adventurers.

Price / Fees: 5 LE per car, and 3 LE per person.
The place is open every day from 7:00 AM till 6:00 PM
You can contact them before going to confirm the ticket prices and timings on this number: 02 25256439

How you can go there?

It’s easy to access, so you can take an Uber, taxi or your car.

The best time to go there:

In the end, it’s a desert, so don’t think about visiting it during the summertime. The best months to go for a visit to the reserve is from October till April. I went there in December, and it was one of those baby-blue skies with clouds that looked like puffs of radiant joy.

Activities you can do there:

If you want to take your family for a barbecue outdoors, or if you simply love nature, and want to enjoy a day away from the city and the crowds but don't have time to go far, Wadi Degla is the place for you.

If you are a sports person, you can ride a bike. The reserve is an ideal place for jogging, running, rock climbing, and many other activities. Just make sure you don't stay in the sun for too long.

If you love hiking, but don’t have the time or the energy to go to Saint-Catherine, Wadi Degla is a perfect choice, because you can hike mountains and see a beautiful Sunset as a reward, and it won’t be as hard as Saint-Catherine.

For me, the place is really quiet, and it is very easy to find the perfect spot to grill your meat. It's perfect for a campfire and a barbeque.

When I went to the Reserve, I didn’t camp, but I saw a lot of people that were camping there, getting their tents and sleeping bags ready. When I asked them about their experience as campers; they gave me several pieces of advice to prepare myself for camping:

1- The ticket for staying overnight is 50 LE.

2- There are specific spots in the reserve for camping where you can put up your tent.

3- Don’t leave your food out; there are animals in the reserve but don’t worry, they aren’t dangerous.

4- Take heavy clothes with you.

Why go camping in the Wadi Degla Reserve?

1- Detox

Disconnect from all the pressure around you. Technology is a source of stress nowadays. This trip will help you to recharge your energy.

2- Explore Nature

You can watch the animals that live there, such as deer, hares, red foxes, mountain goats, tortoises, and birds, which are rare outside the reserve.

3- Improve Physical & Mental Health

The physical demand for camping or hiking counts as exercise, but camping also has health benefits. Mental health is improved while doing outdoor activities, and studies proved that it decreases depression.

4- Develop Life Skills

Camping or Hiking makes you depend on yourself and rely on your companions, which will strengthen your relationship with your friends, and you will have the time to talk together and engage with each other without using technology.

This is in addition to the stunning scenery provided by the reserve, because of the mountains, caves that have been carved for millions of years, and desert plants.

Things you have to take with you:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Running/Hiking Shoes
  • Water and Snacks

One of the best organizations that organize events there is Camp fire.
You can call them on 02 25256439.


Where would you like to go next? Let me know in the comments.