You might wonder how it all starts; well it starts with two pink lines on a pregnancy test and a feeling closer to confusion than it is to happiness.

I call it: “The Shock”.

There will be symptoms that will arouse your doubt. A missed period, feelings of nausea, the tendency to sleep more and a constant feeling of “I’m exhausted”. Most women keep telling themselves that it’s just a bad stomach flu, that they just had a heavy lunch, that they’re working too much and they just need some rest. They might consider the possibility of being pregnant, but they won’t dare to assume it’s for real until they finally have the guts to take the test.

As humans are different and unpredictable, each couple reacts differently to the shocking/happy baby news. But this reaction is definitely not the one you see in movies. You know how in the movies she announces the “big happy news” to him, and he immediately carries her around the room in utter and complete happiness? Well, that does not happen in reality – I guess unless they’ve been trying to have kids for so long and they haven’t been successful at it. 

What happened to me and what happens in most real-life cases; the mother-to-be gets shocked and stares at the two lines in utter and complete stupidity. She walks slowly to announce the news to him. When her zombie walk finally comes to an end, she hesitantly announces the news. She sits down beside him and they both stare at the wall, thinking: “Is this for real?”

This silent state of denial will most probably evolve later to a state of hysterical laughter or hysterical crying. It might also evolve to them asking existential questions such as: Are we grown up enough to raise a human being? Can we afford it? How are we going to manage our lives with the existence of this little human?

I can’t specify how long this state lasts. It might be a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. They might even announce the news to their friends and family while being in this state. They will go to the doctor and see their baby-to-be without any true understanding of what they’re going through. They might seem happy, but they haven’t truly understood why they should be happy. For them, they’re still in shock. For them, it’s still surreal.

Out of my little experience, my advice to the parents-to-be is not to panic. It’s okay if that initial wave of happiness doesn’t hit you. It’s perfectly normal for everyone except for you, to be super excited about hearing the news. Allow yourself to absorb the news at your own pace. 

Eventually, the wave of happiness will hit you. It will feel real. It will be exciting, and yes, you will be happy. Despite all your undeniable fears. It’s all just a part of a life-changing roller coaster you’re about to take for the rest of your life. So, brace yourself, it’s just getting started!!!!