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Samia hung up and threw the phone away carelessly. She was furious, her blood was boiling to a point where her anger had taken control. She took her training bag and left the house with long strides and only one destination in mind.

As she entered the fencing quarters, she could already hear the fencing swords echoing with their familiar cling-clangs through the hall. Every collision made her heart pump faster. As soon as she stepped in the training arena, her trainer threw her a look of disappointment and hate. She was just about to approach him when from a far off, a familiar voice grabbed her attention.

Samia froze in place. Standing by the entrance the voice came from the top of the bleachers and from where she was standing, it was impossible for them to see her. Leaning in, she listened attentively.

‘I can’t believe my plan actually worked. Aya left a few hours ago and Samia didn’t show up just as expected. I tell you…girls should have never been allowed to play this sport. They’re so emotional and pathetic all the time. Girls are so weak, Aly mocked.

‘Now that Aya and Samia are out of the picture there’s nothing we have to worry about,’ she could tell that he was amused by the way he spoke. ‘What about your trainer?’ said a boy who was unfamiliar to her, ‘Couldn’t he just renew their match?’

‘Don’t worry, the trainer has been taken care of,’ he answered, ‘He’s on our side’

‘You’re late!’ the trainer hissed as he walked over to her, catching her by surprise ‘Can’t you check your schedule like everybody else? Don’t even bother to warm up because your match with Aya is already over.’

‘I didn’t receive anything,’ Samia objected.

Crossing over his arms he said, ‘I gave Aly the schedules to distribute, It’s not my fault that you don’t check your messages.’

That bastard Aly did it again. ‘I demand a rematch!’ she ordered, even though she already knew the answer to that sentence.

‘We have a tight schedule and the sponsor doesn’t have all day,’

Aly was playing dirty and Sam had no idea how to fight back, which was ironic because she literally held a weapon in her hand. Never did she think her rivalry with Aly would cost her this much. She didn’t even get her chance.

As she walked away from the trainer, who no longer paid any attention to her, she whispered to herself, ‘I will not accept defeat. Not this time. Not. This. Time’

She hurried toward the changing room, determined that she would find a solution, although she had no clue how to repair the damage that has been done. Dressed up in her gear and ready to go back she heard someone entering the changing room.

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Around the corner she discovered it was Sundus, who must’ve seen her come in. ‘Good you’re here,’ Samia said. She had quite a few things to say to her ‘How could you not tell me that there’s a sponsorship going on?’ she snapped.

‘I thought you knew Sam,’ Sundus objected, ‘Aly told me you didn’t want to come…’

‘Aly,’ she snorted, ‘Of course he did. It was HIM, he’s the one who didn’t want me to come. I really thought you were smarter than this, you’re so blinded by your darling Aly that you can’t see what he’s actually like,’ Sundus stared questionably at her best-friend surprised that that was how she actually felt about him.

‘Sorry Sam I didn’t realize that this is what you thought of him,’ Sam felt guilt all of a sudden to have snapped at her so fast, but her mind was changed once again when Sundus said, ‘but I can’t believe he would do such a thing. He’s such a sweet guy’.

Wow I don’t even know what to say to you right now. He’s sabotaging me. In every way possible. If you can’t see what I see then I can’t help you!’ Sam didn’t even want to hear an answer and upon that left the changing room.

End of Part 2