A lot of people may frequently ask, “how do I get my curls back when my hair is very dry and damaged?”

Well, there was a time when I’d gone blonde, yes full bleach and all, I was using heat frequently, and to top all of that, I’d moved to a very dry city [not a drop of humidity in the air]. Surely, my natural hair wasn’t fairing well.

So, what did I do besides quitting heat and giving dye a rest for a while?

I tried several methods until I reached this routine. It’s crazy and a bit costly, but it totally works.

The Routine:

Step #1

Get a deep conditioner. Bonawell is on the more affordable end of the price range and can be found in most drug stores. Kerastase can be found in high-end hairdressers and Al Sagheer boutiques. You can find Loreal products in Samir & William stores.

Shop the conditioner 

Step #2

Use your deep conditioner as a cleanser. Yes, scoop out a bit and start cleansing your hair as you would with a cleanser or shampoo.

Step #3

Deep condition overnight. But if you prefer showering during the day; you could add your cream and use a head wrap or beanie before heading outside. Don’t leave it for more than 24 hours as it may cause you to get dandruff.

Step #4

Style your hair using a leave-in cream, not a curl defining product. Curl defining products will dry your hair, while creams will nourish it. The healthier your hair, the softer and shinier your curls become.

Shop the cream

There you have it, the Deep Conditioner Routine everyone! You can use this regimen for as long as you see fit; I recommend you go back to cleansers after a while.

Bonus FAQs Answered

How to have nice curls with a veil?

This is a tricky one since curls, hair generally, like to breathe. I would say try to keep your hair loose and uncovered as often as possible and avoid washing then wearing a veil immediately. Also, try not to strain your hair with a tough band. Try a loose knot using a curly-friendly band, not those thin ones, use silk scrunchies, coils, or thick bands and they will do the trick.

How to reduce frizz?

Frizz is usually enhanced when you have very dry hair. So, hopefully, when you regain well nourished hair using this method, your frizz should tone down. However, frizz never disappears. So, I suggest you embrace that light frizz of baby hair as it is a sign that your hair is healthy, and you’re not going bald!

How to maintain healthy natural hair?

I strongly recommend Kerastase salon treatments. I do those regularly every three months or so. The treatment consists of a specialist checking and catering to your hair’s needs; they nourish your hair with vitamins that will keep your hair healthy, soft, and shiny. It is a bit costly, but totally worth it. You can find this treatment available in salons that have a Kerastase specialist like Al Sagheer Salons and Toi Zamalek.

How about you? How do you treat your hair when dry & damaged?

What method do you use to treat and maintain your natural hair? Let us know in the comments below!