We believe that every member chosen; be he/she a writer, photographer, editor, or anything else; is a brilliant, talented, creative, future changer and maker. We’re not exaggerating; we take great pride in our talented Program members, each who are handpicked through recruitment tests and interviews. We hope that the Contra Program will always hold the reputation of bringing to the world the most talented content creators and team members in the Cairo work scene.

Want to take part in the Contra Program and be a part of the first entertainment online magazine that reflects the contrasting interests & voices of the average young Cairene? If you’ve been wanting to be part of the program & Contra community, read on for details.

What is the Contra Program?

The Contra Program involves 2 months of intensive training in Summer followed by 6 months’ work experience within the Contra organisation and its magazine, the 6 months are mostly online and distributed according to academic semesters. Official leave is given for students to undergo final exams during December, January, May, and June. Since this is mostly an online position, talents are able to work from any location, and choose their own hours. However, attending workshops, team meetings, and meeting deadlines is fundamental to receive the Contra certificate and recommendation letter.

Why become a Contra?

If you’re interested in the creative industry and want to expand your portfolio and get your name out there; or If you want to truly explore the field of content creation and take your hobby seriously while committing to deadlines to advance your skills; this is an excellent opportunity.

Perks of being a Contra talent include having a fun experience and networking, as well being part of a talented fun community.

There are 5 divisions under the Contra Program, each is a journey that provides you with unique skill sets required and related to its field. Read on to understand more about each and decide which you’d like to join.

Who do we pick to become a Contra?

The ideal candidate would be a young Cairene from high school, college, or fresh grads who are passionate about the Contra spirit. They need to be responsible, hardworking, self-motivated, creative, and organized. Preference will be given to candidates with prior experience, directly related or not. Applicants must be able to handle working to meet deadlines.

How to Join the Program?

1- You pick a position you desire to take your training and work experience in.

2- You send the requirements of the position to the email admin@cairocontra.com

3- You wait for a reply. Everyone gets a reply!

If you wish to apply for more than one position, apply for each position separately.

The Contra Program positions include:


We love to hear from you! If you have any questions that weren’t answered in the links above, email us at admin@cairocontra.com