One day, I was sitting alone during lunch break enjoying a nice snack at work when this dude, who was a colleague of mine, approached me saying, "You know, people who sit alone are usually attention whores and they only do that because they want to grab other people's attention and make everyone ask them why they’re sitting alone so that they would eventually end up with more attention." As soon as he said this, another one went on saying, "I think you believe that you’re better than us, that's why you don't ever sit with us." I stared at them, thunderstruck, not knowing exactly how to respond to this amount of crap.

My first thought was “Honestly, you're just way too boring and uninteresting that I wouldn't waste my time on you.” However, I played the nice card and said that I was just having a hard time, and I don't want to burden anyone with my sadness, which is why I prefer to sit alone.

This is Mohamed El-Gamal from CairoContra. I am an English Literature graduate, and writing is one of my hobbies. I'll be writing for Cairo’s Couch Corner. For today, I am going to talk about “introverts”. So, stick around for a little bit, you might find yourself relating to what I am about to say.

Now, as an introvert, I asked myself, ‘what interests me in general?’ The answer is not people. I mean, I usually prefer to do things on my own. I play video games alone, even when it’s a team game. I play the guitar on my own in my bedroom. I read and write, which are usually introverted hobbies. Even when it comes to working out, I prefer to do it on my own. I prefer shopping for clothes alone and running errands by myself. When I listen to music, I play it through my headphones; I hate playing music loudly. I love watching tv-series, but rarely do I ever watch it with anyone but myself.

Is it arrogance?

Let’s agree on something; For introverts, talking is physically and emotionally consuming! So, it’s definitely not arrogance. The less talking involved in any activity, the more likely you will find us inclined to do it and love it. You would even find many introverts preferring to text rather than talk in person; speaking is just hard for some of us and we resort to it last.

Is talking really that hard?

Many times, I get lost in the streets going around this big puzzle called Cairo (I am Alexandrian), and I swear I’d rather navigate by myself for an hour and walk countless kilometres than ask a stranger for directions. Ironically, when I am in a mood to not talk at all, my mother knows I would not argue with her about anything, so, she cooks all the strange meals/desserts she knows I'd dislike. So, watch out! Maybe you're mother too takes advantage of your "no talking mood" to get things her way with you.

Is there hope?

Don’t get me wrong, just because we don’t like to talk that much doesn’t mean we will end up avoiding talking forever. However, when an introvert builds a connection with someone, it’s usually a very deep one. Personally, when I make a new friend, I am always so excited to tell him/her about almost everything in my life, no matter how trivial it is. I share my thoughts about anything and everything with them. I even go on rambling about the slightest and most trivial details of my day. If you see me, or any introvert, with our best friends, you would never believe that we are introverts.

Now look, I know it can be difficult to deal with us. You can imagine my friends’ struggle when they’re dying to hang out and do something fun, while I am curled up in bed trying to decide when to leave my cocoon; next week or next month! But believe me, we are fun and loving whenever we are in the mood. You just need to be a little patient . Also, keep in mind that although it might not be obvious, your introverted friend is very grateful for your existence in their life and considers you very special. I know I feel like that towards my friends all the time, even though I don’t express it much.

What about you?

I hope you enjoyed my article and I am looking forward to your comments and suggestions. Feel free to share your experience; be it as an introvert or an extrovert. Until next time, keep on reading!