Written by Raghda Ashraf

Did you recently graduate from school and are/will be attending a college away from home? Are you panicking about the idea of having to be the “man/ woman” of your place as you settle into your dormitory?

Even though I don’t personally live in a dorm, I happen to know a lot of people who do. So don’t panic, guys! I got you! Relax, grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you need to help you relax), and proceed with reading these tips.

1) Save the Space:

Image Source

Shoes can really take up so much space, can’t they? Scattered shoes all around the room aren’t aesthetically pleasing and it definitely won’t save you time when you go on ‘The Missing Shoe Hunt’.

The hack: Put a shoe organizer under your bed so that the shoes are easy to access without being in the way.

DIY: You can either buy one or assemble some boxes that you have into one row, similar to the one in the picture above.


2) Decorate Your Walls:

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The dorm life will make you homesick sooner rather than later. Sometimes when contacting loved ones, calls just won’t cut it. Pictures of you and all your loved ones together hung in front of you will not only make your day, but will also spice up your plain walls!

The hack: Although many dorms prohibit students from using screws or pins to hang pictures or posters on the walls, you can use washi tape instead. It’s pretty, and another added bonus is that it won’t rub the paint off the walls.

P.S. Washi tape can be found in IKEA or in big stationery stores (ex. Samir & Aly, etc…)


3) Another Use for Washi Tape:

Image Source

This is a general hack that I personally LOVE! With more than one gadget in the room: a cellphone, a laptop, an iPad, etc… The wires will inevitably get tangled up together.

The hack: Label your chargers using washi tape just as shown in the above picture. Trust me – these wires can get mixed up so easily. Washi tape is cool and will save you the effort the next time you’re looking for your charger!


4) Find What’s on the Menu:

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You probably learned the hotline numbers of all restaurants nearby like the back of your hand, but what about their menus? Sometimes you want to try out new food items, and even though most of the menus are available online, what happens if the Internet crashes, you’re out of data, or anything else happens…?

The hack: Make a box, or a compartment, just for the take-out menus scattered all around your room. Now whenever you feel like ordering, they’re easily accessible.


5) Strengthen the Wi-Fi Signal:

Image Source

Save your soda can for this one! Yes, most of the dorms carry a so-called ‘wi-fi’ service, but does it really work well? Well, I doubt it. In the odd chance that it works well for you, your neighbors may beg to differ. In that case, make new friends and teach them this hack!

The hack: You can boost your wi-fi signal with the can trick by following the instructions of this Youtube video in addition to checking the image above.


6) One TV, Two Roommates?

Having a roommate can be so much fun, but you two won’t always agree upon watching the same TV channel. Save yourself the trouble and make your own screen using these 2 hacks and watch whatever you want, whenever you want:

a)    DIY iPad Mount:

Image Source

The hack: With a couple of adhesive hooks from the hardware store (seen in the image above), you can make a cheap, durable, and easy wall mount for your tablet.

b)    Projector in the House:

The hack: Visit your local stationary store and pick up a magnifying glass, cut a hole in a shoebox, tape the glass over the hole, place your cell phone inside, and screen it on a plain white wall. There: you’ve got yourself a movie projector!

P.S. Watch this for further assistance.


7) HYGIENE ALERT #1! Separate Toothbrushes:

Image Source

Why fear toothbrushes touching when you can simply separate them with little elastic bands?

The hack: Get a few elastic bands and wrap them up in a criss-cross pattern as shown in the picture.


8) HYGIENE ALERT #2! Clean Showerhead:

Image Source

Continuing with ‘Hygiene Alert’, showerheads can get blocked-up with constant us. Of course, no one will really clean them.

The hack: All you have to do is fill up a bag with vinegar, place it around the shower head so it’s submerged in the liquid, and tie it to the neck of the showerhead. Leave it overnight and voila, your showerhead will be clean!


9) No More Missed Texts:

Image Source

Do you have an important note or message to pass on to your roommate(s), but afraid they might not check their Whatsapp?

The hack: Hang a small whiteboard next to your dorm room and leave notes on it so that it’s the first thing your roommate(s) check(s)!

P.S. This can help with other reminders, such as what groceries are missing.


10) Pringles Can = Perfect Pasta Holder:

Image Source

Did you cook only some pasta from the bag but you can’t find anything to store the remaining uncooked pasta in? A can of Pringles acts as a perfect container till you decide to cook that remaining pasta.

The hack: Finish your chips, wash the can, and store your spaghetti.


11) Creatively Heat a Grilled Cheese Sandwich: 

Image Source

I don’t know if you guys love cheese as much as I do, but just to give you a picture my heart melts at the sight of it melting! If you want to have a grilled cheese sandwich, but there is no microwave and you’re too lazy to get a skillet, just use your iron!

The hack: Fold the sandwich well in a piece of foil, and with a warm iron just tap it on either sides gently for a few seconds. Bon appétit!


12) Microwave Two Dishes at Once:

This is for the busy bees, or eager beavers, who can’t afford waiting a few extra minutes for multiple plates to warm up in the microwave.

The hack: Place a jar or a mug upside down and put the second dish over it, just as shown in the picture.


13) Messy Shirt and No Iron…?:

Image Source

As funny as it will sound, but this is a plausible solution in such situations! If you fail to find an iron for the outfit you insist on wearing – NO PROBLEM. You will wear it neat and clean.

The hack: Use a stove-heated pot to show the world that you’re a strong, independent student who doesn’t need an iron!

P.S. Make sure the pot isn’t too warm, so that it doesn’t stain or burn your attire.


Did you find any of these tips useful? Let us know if you’ve done any of them, or any others that we haven’t mentioned, and send us pictures on our Facebook page!