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Guest Contribution by Nada Wael.


I’d like to think that life is like the shuffle button on a playlist. More often than not, the shuffle is disappointing and keeps playing songs I barely listen to. Sometimes I keep skipping the tracks I’m not particularly fond of, other times I give up and let the shuffle win as I sit there rolling my eyes. 

But if I keep skipping the tracks, waiting for the shuffle to play certain songs, why do I even have it on shuffle? Why don’t I just pick out the songs straight from my library? I stopped for a minute to think about it, and I realized I would always choose to shuffle my songs. I would always choose to shuffle, because there’s a very specific kind of joy in leaving the odds up to things that are out of your control and still getting your favorite songs, amongst other tunes that may not move you as much.

It makes you truly appreciate your favorite songs. So I try my best not to skip too much of the songs I don’t like, I try to enjoy the mediocrity of so many moments in my life, having full faith that my favorite songs will eventually, but surely, come along.