Guest contribution by Muhammad Addam

By Oleg Oprisco

Part One:

Spring has come with long bloomed flowers,
Like dreams they are; tender and blessed,

I think to myself: how beautiful they are-
Surrounding you! In white, you’re dressed,

The wind on the hill is sweetly touching,
Turning the color of your cheeks to red,

The birds on the trees are chanting for their princess,
In a singsong tone, they greet their beloved.

Part Two:

Down the mountain, I crawled in pain,
To you, my love, out of my shell,

With fading tears and rush of rain,
I lost my heart, no home to dwell,

A rose you were in a garden plain,
I could not touch you, merely smell,

I hid my love and waited again,
For you to smile and stare and tell,

I stopped my wait, I broke my chain,
But was too late for us to chill,

My thought of you is not in vain,
Time has passed, but love is still.