The Model American Congress-Cairo University

High-Schoolers: known for breaking the rules, speaking their minds and having a questionable fashion sense according to mostly every adult over 45. Their High-school experience is preparing them for the outside world, in a way past generations were not so fortunate to experience. I personally graduated High-school only 5 years ago and my idea of extracurricular activities was art class! However, with a lot of diverse extracurricular activities nowadays like The Model of American Congress “MAC” at Cairo University; they get the opportunity to not only explore how the real-world works; but they also come to understand how their brains work.

In the latest edition of MAC junior. High-Schoolers came together from different schools around Cairo to each simulate a senator. One thing they didn’t leave behind was their style. So, let’s check out some of the looks our delegates and team members rocked at this edition of MAC Junior.

The Summer Veil Look

Shaza Amr, Public Relations Member

In the past few years, modest fashion has been climbing its way into the fashion scene. With so many options to choose from, women can now pull off any style. Shaza Amr, public relations member, chose to lead the day and still look and feel comfy. She wore a cropped white denim jacket paired with medium wash skinny jeans and a pair of white sneakers [rocking the current chunky sneaker trend – we see you girl]. She added a hot pink turban, a matching bag, and finished the look with a floral blue scarf.

Tip: Colorful denim jackets have made a comeback these past two years, and I’m telling you, they’re here to stay. For me, denim jackets have become a staple item in my closet that I can’t live without.

The Business look

Ali El-Kafrawy, Foreign Relations Juniors Instructor

In MAC, you are always encouraged to appear professional. Ali El-Kafrawy came in full force, he played and looked the part. Wearing a blue shirt and showed off his personal style by folding the sleeves to achieve a more laid-back look. He then paired it with some khaki pants with a matching belt and pair of Beige trainers [quite an interesting monochrome theme here] and squared sunglasses. It was clear this guy was here to get the job done.

Tip: Always add a touch of your personal style to your outfits. No matter how subtle, they’re bound to make you stand out.

The Statement Piece Look

Noureen Saeed, Foreign Relations Delegate

They say accessories can make or break an outfit; and Noureen Saeed definitely knows the “power” accessories hold. Accessorizing is all about making a statement, and what’s a better statement than expressing your love for your favorite book or movie. Noureen picked a magical wand from the wizarding world of Harry Potter to charm her outfit and take it to the next level. She wore a white T-shirt paired with black crop pants and pink converse sneakers. All she needs now is a robe and she’d be ready for Hogwarts.

Tip: While jeans will always be in style, don’t be afraid to experiment with other types of pants. 

What about you?

What do you delegates wear when you are at MAC? What’s your personal style? do you have any tips or tricks that make you stand out? Tell us about them in the comments below!