“If it does bring new readers to your book, for me it falls under ‘all good’” is what Andre Dubus III said when asked about his opinion on turning his novel, House of Sand and Fog, into a movie. To some extent, it is true; turning a book into a movie or TV series brings new readers to the book. That is, when a screen adaptation of a book is released, it might encourage some viewers to read the book.

Here are a few books that were recently turned into TV series. So before we start, this is a SPOILER ALERT!

  • The Passage by Justin Cronin
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This novel is about the passage from life to death, from human to monster, and from despair to hope, so it lands itself a good theme for a TV show. In an apocalyptic world, Amy saves the world from vampire-like creatures who constitute more than half of the population. Showrunner Liz Heldens (producer of the show) said that she plans to spread the events of the book over three seasons — which is why the show slows down the story by eliminating time jumps present in the book. Therefore, the first season of the show doesn’t cover the whole story of the first book, making you far ahead if you read the novel.

  • Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West
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Lindy West was bullied and threatened because she was overweight. In her memoir, she wrote, “I was eating 30 rape threats for breakfast at that point (or, more accurately, ‘You’re fatter than the girls I usually rape threats’)”. West decided to write this book — part memoir, part cultural critique — to loudly speak about what she faces in a sexist culture and expose harassers to their worst nightmares: being exposed. Aidy Bryant, who plays Annie, the narrator of the TV show, is a perfect fit for the role with her radiant and pleasant spirit. Bryant’s big smile goes with West’s sense of humor; it makes us feel like they are a match made in heaven.

  • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
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This is a 1990 novel, so if you read it, then be prepared to scrutinize the show. From the show’s poster, it seems like it is going to be about the eternal war between good and evil, but surprisingly, Crowely and Aziraphale are friends who team up to stop the end of the world. Crowley (who serves satan and looks like a super cool rockstar) and Aziraphale (who serves God and looks like a peace dove) meetup throughout history to enjoy each other’s company and make us laugh out loud at their ridiculousness. As we previously talked about matches made in heaven, Micheal Sheen (playing Aziraphale) and David Tennant (playing Crowely) are considered one of TV’s most magnetic leads who make the hour-long episodes fly by.

Although some readers don’t like the idea of screen adaptations, they can be a golden chance to explore different angles of literary works.

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