Written by Hussein Ahmed and Lama El-Najdi


The Squad
The Squad

The next DC movie is here! Suicide squad is a thrilling action motion picture about Gotham’s super villains being taken out of prison to form a powerful team to serve as the “heroes” of Gotham city for a US intelligence officer. This movie has everyone cheering for the villains and the fans loved seeing Deadshot , Harley Quinn, Captain boomerang, and Killer Croc, working together. This is our review of the amazing DC villain hero switcheroo film. Here are our cowriters’ contrasting thoughts on the movie and their reflection on their favorite characters:

The Poster
The Poster


Favorite character, Harley Quinn

The best character in the film! The female super-villain, Joker’s accomplice and lover is starred by Margot Robbie. She did a phenomenal job on displaying the two sides of Harley Quinn, her life before and after the Joker. I honestly think she was also the perfect villain to be turned into a super hero for a movie, considering the fact she was not always evil. As most DC fans already know, she started as a psychiatrist for the Joker, but later started to fall in love with him, and eventually turned into a villain like him.

Although the other characters have had a slight background of their stories, none of them did as much as Harley Quinn, in my opinion. The film also showed how her past still impacted her throughout the movie. Harley Quinn was really humorous and I felt the actress really did the character justice.

Harley Quinn
“Harley Quinn was really humorous and I felt the actress really did the character justice.”

I personally thought the movie had a lot of good qualities.

It was humorous and interesting and everything you can ask for in an action movie. The plot is unique. The people who are commonly the antagonists become the solution to each other’s problems. I felt the plot was accurate. Many films have an underdog story, a story of someone who is usually seen as the unsuccessful or as the unwanted burden that proves everyone wrong and becomes the hero of the story.

The villains are the underdogs in this film because they are the people that cause mischief and grief but prove in this film that they can do some good. Besides Harley Quinn, other characters showed a slight good side, such as Deadshot starred by Will Smith. The US intelligence officer, starred by Viola Davis, ironically, also showed a bit of a cold heart. Best of all, the film had thrilling action scenes that kept viewers at the edge of their seat at all times!


Favorite character, Amanda Waller.

Wow did Waller blow me away ! I love a strong, fierce, female character. It’s still very rare for us to find women characters that go on with their lives without the help of a man. I loved how they didn’t make her out to be an emotionally driven female character, or on the end of the spectrum, a bossy bitch. She was definitely ruthless, but only because she wants to get stuff done, and she won’t have it any other way.

Her character is powerful enough for everyone in the room to respect every word that comes out of her mouth, without negotiating with her. I indulged in how much of a savage she was, and how she was willing to go above and beyond for the “greater good”. Viola Davis did an extraordinary job with her character, and made it her own. Also, her character alone passed The Bechdel Test. This was just the right fix I needed, as I’m going through ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ withdrawal symptoms.

Amanda Waller
“She was definitely ruthless…”

To me, the movie wasn’t all that great.

Besides Captain America: Civil War, this was my most anticipated movie for the year, so you can only imagine where I’m coming from when I tell you that I wasn’t all that impressed with the movie. While I do think that the cinematography, and the performance are out of this world, the plot wasn’t enough to make it my favorite 2016 movie release. It needed either 5 other supporting movies, where we get to watch all these other characters become who they are, or like 5 more hours of them presenting a better character build-up for each and everyone of them.

All the characters were interesting, however none of them was served justice. We only get to see snippets of their background, but that did not cut it for me. Going into the movie, I expected to see a little more than 3 minutes of the Joker, so the fact that we saw him ever so briefly bugged me a lot, since his appearance in the trailers, teasers and posters was predominant. All in all, the movie wasn’t really bad, just needed a little less characters, and a lot more of character development.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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