Written by Sara Al Wardani

Hey everyone! So this is my very first time to write in my new column “Its A Teen’s Life” and I am SO stocked. For my debut, I’ve decided to write about a comic bookstore, cause I’m pretty sure there’s many of you out there who are interested in comics and comic related products. So hopefully you find this helpful and I really hope you like it!!

Heaven on earth.

Kryptonite is what anime and comic fans would call heaven on earth!

The store not only sells comics, graphic novels and manga (comics created in Japan or by Japanese creators). But it also offers an extraordinary variety of action figures, busts, replicas, comic related shirts, model kits, statues and other eerie collectables.

Not to exaggerate or anything, but they probably have action figures of any character that can ever cross your mind!

Another definition of the word “fun” is Model Kits!

Model kits consist of a set of parts or materials to be assembled to create something. Kryptonite offers that for Gundams, Robots, Military Vehicles, Anime Characters, Cars and many more!

Action figures.

There was that full size Captain America shield replica they had that I remember gaping at as I stepped into the store once, it was mesmerizing!

Not to mention that they also have light sabers for star wars fans and a Harry Potter wand for Potterheads.

Kryptonite is also considered to be one of the only comic bookstores in the whole country; the store is located at City Stars Mall, Phase 2 level 4. I personally am a huge fan of the store. You most certainly cannot miss the slimy green banner that spells the shop’s name and when you first step inside and see its black tinted walls that give the perfect ambiance to the place, you will surely be standing in awe.

One of the only comic bookstores in the country.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the store?

Well that is not a problem since the store welcomes any special orders, which usually arrive during the same month.

The store also grants you the possibility to order whatever you want from the comfort of your own home, through their website.

Superhero figures or should we say, Bobbleheads superhero figures!

The store has a Classic Marvel and DC Figurine Collection too (figurines are small molded or sculptured figures). Which are professionally hand-painted and each and every one of them are individually numbered. Pretty cool, eh?

1/6 Scale Masterpiece Figures produced by “Hot Toys” are available at the store as well, and “Hot Toys” is a company in Hong Kong which is well known for producing highly detailed collectibles all over the globe.

Kryptonite is an incredibly distinctive store and I strongly recommend that you would pay it a visit, I guarantee that you will not leave disappointed!

So what comic books are you guys into? do you own any comics , mangas or action figures? Don’t forget to leave a comment below! 😀