Written by Lama EL-Najdi and Hussein Ahmed

Are you weeping inside right now because its almost that time of year to hit the books and fill your phones with pictures of your teachers power point slides? Do you feel sad now because those months of diving, tanning, and summer beach fun are almost over? Youre just not ready for school, right?

Well, think again because we believe getting back to the classroom is exactly what you need! We all enjoy summer but we always start to miss those small things school has to offer. Here are five reasons you are actually ready to get back to school.

1. You Miss Being There

It's NOT a Teen's Life without Mean Girls!
It’s NOT a Teen’s Life without Mean Girls!

Whether we like it or not, school has a great influence on our personalities. Being in school is like being in a miniature society. There are your friends, and friends friends. Oh, and also the people you and your friends make fun of together.

2. Youre Excited to See Your Teachers

Mr Feeny giving some life advice...
Mr Feeny giving some life advice…

I get this might not be similar for everyone but come on. Most of us at least have one teacher were down with. Even those we dont quite get along with, we end up realizing their worth later on in our lives.

3. Freedom

William Wallace from Braveheart mode on
William Wallace from Braveheart mode on

While school is synonymous with prison, most of the time, you still get the freedom to choose to be who you are without real life limiting you. The only responsibilities you have are getting schoolwork done, and studying for your exams, and in reality, we only complete those tasks one night before theyre due, and procrastinate all throughout the year (which is so much fun, if you ask me!)

4. The Pranks

Anyone remembers Recess?
Anyone remembers Recess?

Whether you execute them or youre just part of the audience, pranks very easily make school much more tolerable, and frankly we just get creative along the years. You know, practice makes perfect. Sure detention sucks, but its definitely worth it.

5. Your Friends

How about a High School Music style dance, everyone?
How about a High School Musical style dance, everyone?

The mere and sole reason to why you get up in the morning, feeling somewhat excited to go to school, is your friends. All throughout school years, we make friendships that truly last a lifetime. Especially in middle school, if someone is able to tolerate you in the age of your most awkwardness and confusion, then theyre the real MVPs!

School is just one of those things that you love to hate. Sure, its a drag, its annoying, its exhausting, and its most definitely stressful. However, school helps you come of age and begins shaping who the person you become. Plus, in reality, theres a teeny tiny bit of you that absolutely adores school, and wouldnt have it any other way well, maybe we could do without all the schoolwork and exams.

Your Thoughts?

Whats your favourite thing about school? Do you absolutely love it or despise it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!