Many of us make the daring decision of colouring or highlighting our hair everyday, but very few of us think about how to keep that colour shiny and long lasting after it’s dyed.

A few months back, a friend of mine approached me with a question about my hair colour, “how often do you dye your hair?”

“Every two to three months!”, I told her.

As usual, I was met with a glimpse of disbelief in her eyes and I could see her slowly scanning my vibrant red hair. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this reaction, but I’ve grown weary of it. The thing is, it isn’t that difficult or expensive to maintain your hair colour. With a few products and some tips to keep in mind; you can maintain it for up to three months (even more if you don’t mind the roots).

Colour-Safe Conditioner

Garnier Fructis Color Last Conditioner

Colour-safe conditioner is essential. Not only does it make your hair colour last longer; it also adds a shiny finish to it. My mother regularly dyes her hair a natural brown closer to her shade and was never actually concerned if the colour lasted or not. One day, she decided to use one of my products — the conditioner to be precise — after trying it; her hair colour was so shiny and healthy that her co-workers thought she’d just dyed her hair in a completely new colour! Though she won’t admit it, she hasn’t stopped sharing my conditioner since. Trust me on this one, if you really want to add life to your dyed hair colour; use a colour-safe conditioner.

I always use Garnier Fructis Color Last Conditioner. Besides all its good qualities as a colour-safe product; it has a berry refreshing scent. To this day I haven’t found an alternative for this beauty of a product. Garnier, mon chapeau à vous!

Use a Deep Conditioner or Hair Mask

Schwarzkopf Bonawell Hot Oil Treatment

In order to have a fresh, healthy looking hair colour; you obviously need to have healthy hair to start with!  It’s no secret that hair dyeing and processing damages and dries hair, that’s why dyed hair needs a deep conditioner that keeps the hair looking healthy and repairs all styling damages.

I naturally have dry hair, so I have a history with deep conditioners. No matter what new product i try; I keep coming back to Bonawell Hot Oil Treatment from Schwarzkopf. It cares for my damaged hair, leaves it really soft, doesn’t cost much, is available in all big drugstores, and leaves my hair with a beautiful scent; which attracts a lot of compliments (I use the one with apricot oil for the scent). What more can I ask from a product! There are other good alternatives offered by Schwarzkopf. L’Oreal’s Elvive Re-Nutrition Replenishing Mask is also a good option, though both are a bit higher up the budget scale than Bonawell and you can only find them in beauty stores.

How to Apply the Product

When it comes to application, you have various options. You could follow the instructions on the box/tub — which usually instructs to apply for 15 minutes then wash off — or if you’ve got very thick, dry hair like mine; you might want to prolong that period by applying it overnight. Another option is to take it with you to your local hairdresser for a cream bath where they apply the cream and have you sit under a hot steamer for approximately 15 minutes. This is the most efficient and time saving option and I personally prefer it. Another bonus is that when you provide your own cream, in this case deep conditioner, you get a discount (of course this varies according to the hairdresser, but it leaves you the option to bargain).

Some Last Tips...

Maintaining dyed hair might not be one of the easiest processes, but for those of you who love to dye their hair, it sure is worth it. With the right products and some tips, your dyed hair will remain healthy and shiny.

Don’t wash your hair regularly! If you’re in the habit of washing it daily then you’d better think again about dyeing it. Rule of thumb: the more you wash your hair, the faster the color fades. Washing your hair once per week is enough to keep the dirt at bay, and the colour to stay!

Be really careful when it comes to the chemical products you add to your hair. If possible, skip them all; other chemicals could strip your hair of its new colour or could encourage colour change.

Your thoughts?

What are your favourite coloured hair products?  Do you have any tips or advice for maintaining coloured hair? Also, let us know which beauty topics you want to hear about in the future.

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