In Egypt, everyone is Mr. Know It All. Everyone just knows what’s better for your health, because for Egyptians, word of mouth is more trustworthy than the words of doctors.

There are some bizarre myths in our Egyptian health culture that have been passed on to us. So, next time your mom sends you a link of some infamous health influencer talking nonsense; send her this article because I did all the research for you!

Eating and then sleeping will make you gain weight

For so long, I missed dinner, believing that this is my secret to weight loss. My mom used to tell me that eating right before sleeping will not allow me to burn off the calories I consumed.

Now, I just feel sorry for my hungry self because you do burn calories while sleeping. And even though it turns out to be that eating at night is not the reason behind my belly fat; it's not a healthy habit for the digestive system. So, to avoid bloating, spread your meals throughout the day and sleep not less than 2 hours after you’ve eaten.

Drinking lemon water with honey makes you burn more calories

I really don’t understand why Sally Fouad and her viewers swear by this recipe. They say: "If you drink lemon water first thing in the morning, it will help increase your metabolism." That is NOT TRUE!! The only way to lose weight is to cut down on calories.

Water helps boost your metabolism. So, good hydration is the main goal, but lemon water is not magic. It's Just a favorable way to obtain some vitamin C with zero calories.

Indomie "Instant Noodles" will give you cancer

I don’t know who convinced all of our moms that instant noodles give you cancer. They have the same amount of preservatives, MSG (monosodium glutamate), and food additives that might be bad for your health like all other packaged food.

They would probably not be distributed in countries like Europe, Australia, and Canada if there was ever enough evidence to prove that they can be harmful to people's health. The whole thing is just an internet troll.

Antibiotics will cure your flu

This is every pharmacist’s pet peeve. Since I am supposedly studying to be one, I feel the need to say this: we are overusing antibiotics. As a result, we are suffering from antibiotic resistance by bacteria.

The flu is caused by viral infections, and antibiotics don’t work against them. A virus, which is another different organism, is killed by an antiviral medication, while bacteria can be killed by an antibiotic. However, you don't need both. Your immune system usually kicks the flu virus out by itself.

Sugar makes you hyperactive

Kids start jumping up and down screaming at each other and throwing stuff at you. Then you start wondering whether you gave them too much candy.

Sugar increases their serotonin levels, and they might be too excited because they ate their favorite food, but not hyperactive. Based on research, extreme hyperactivity and sugar are not related.

Cracking your fingers gives you joint and finger pain

To my obnoxious teacher, wherever you are now, I just want to say: “I told you so". Harvard Health publishing just told me that you were wrong. I guess you were probably just annoyed with the noise.

Who should you believe?

Don’t believe everything you are told, especially if it concerns your health. Do some research based on reliable sources and seek medical advice from your doctor.
Did you grow up hearing health myths too? Tell us about them in the comments!