A campaign meant to revive beauty through gardening

As students, we all go through school and college years absorbing information, waiting for the moment to give back and speak up. Students impatiently wait for the end of year graduation project, which provides them with the opportunity to make a difference and incite change. We at CairoContra will be covering a selection of star-studded graduation projects by undergrads in universities to showcase their creative work to our readers and provide a platform for their ideas. The featured project in this article is 7aliha, an environmentally friendly project by MIU students.

 7aliha is the brainchild of a group of MIU Mass Communications students who designed this environmentalist project to creatively illustrate how passionate they are about the environment’s welfare.

7aliha is an awareness program whose value is to educate people about caring for home plants that tend to wilt unless they’re properly tended to. 7aliha provides the info-bearing service through its online campaign and Facebook page in order to both educate users about the psychological and health benefits of creating a small garden in balconies and also give helpful tips to users tending to their home plants. It’s particularly interesting in that it not only aims to beautify balconies but also to rekindle Egyptians’ love for greenery.

It was clever of these students to create 7aliha as an online project. They designed an online campaign to market for their product rather than a physical platform since the former has a wider outreach, while the latter would only be limited to the region within Cairo.

Tip: You can be even more environmentally friendly by recycling old jars!

The brownie points for this grad project:

  • Social responsibility
  • Low cost and affordable for average middle-class people

You can find 7aliha on Instagram 7aliha_ and on Facebook as 7aliha



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