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Guest Contribution by Nada Wael.

Have you ever stopped to think about how different things break? Or more like what happens when they do? 

Most things break right before your eyes and you can immediately collect the mess and be done with it, but not glass. 

My mother always told me not to walk barefoot when I break glass. See, ‘Glass is tricky’ she would say, ‘you think you’ve picked up all the pieces, until you find another one in a corner that seems too far from the area of impact.’ Glass is usually associated with connotations that seem negative to us, like fragility. 

But is fragility such a terrible thing, really?

Glass is one of the most mesmerizing and challenging materials I’ve ever met. It welcomes light in a way no other entity does and it allows the light to change it. It makes your lipstick stains look pretty, and lets you show it off to your drinks and your friends.

But without even meaning to, you may break your glass with sudden excessive pressure or heat. You may break your glass with a simple mishap of the hand. You may break your beautiful glass and that’s okay.

Every time you break glass, think of your heart; how it challenges you with a roller coaster of emotions some days, but takes in all the light and the joy on others. Think of how it has learned to love the lipstick stains it acquired as people kissed you goodbye; it even had a blast meeting the new. 

But the day you apply too much pressure or expose it to too much of life’s heat, you need to understand that it may shatter. And that too, is okay. If and when it does, listen to my mama and keep your shoes on. Not in fear of the shattered pieces of your heart, but in curiosity. 

Give yourself the chance to realize how far the explosion has taken your shards of glass, and let them stand proud in the strangest of places. Wonder how on earth they got to where you found them, but don’t step and break them further.

Treat your heart the way you treat your glass, heck, call it fragile. And understand that if it shatters, it is not an implosion, it is grand. It is grand and it will show itself when you least expect it. When it does, pick up the remains with a smile and understand that every broken piece was meant to be where you found it. 

Your glass? It’s beautiful. And the day it breaks? Don’t look for the pieces in fear of hurting yourself, they’ll find you. You’ll pick them all up.

On that same day? No, but bit by bit.