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“…a voice behind him stopped him dead in his tracks”


“Sarah, wait up!”

Sarah was walking away down the streets of Zamalek towards the Cornishe. She was feeling hurt, betrayed and wanted to get home and forget about the whole evening.   

“Would you please stop walking!?” shouted Samir.

“What do you want Samir? Haven’t you done enough already as it is?” said Sarah, turning to face her friend.

 Sarah wanted to take out the hurt, the betrayal and the building rage inside of her on someone and Samir was the only person on whom she could dump it all. It was him who rattled the cage after all.

“I didn’t know this was going to happen!” replied Samir, sensing the change in Sarah’s tone with him

“I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore! I don’t want to have anything to do with this, Samir!”

“But S -”

“Samir! I’m done! The drama just doesn’t stop with you guys, does it?! Somehow, after 5 years, it’s still going strong!” Sarah was tearing up and her voice was breaking away.

“Nothing happened! Can we just forget about it and look for Fady?” said Samir, pleading Sarah. He knew things were going to take a downturn from hereon. 

“He said he loved me, Karim. He said I’m the one he should spend the rest of his life with and…and I fell for him”

 Sarah took a deep breath trying to shake away the image of Karim holding Salma in his arms.  

“I know Sarah. I know – ”

“You don’t know anything Samir! You’re enclosed in your own little world, your little UTOPIA! Where you think you’re everyone’s savior. Well, big news pal: YOU’RE NOT!! YOU’RE NOT ANYONE’S SAVIOUR!! YOU’RE PLAIN OLD SAMIR! You need to annihilate that part of your brain that makes you think everybody’s worth saving, that it’s okay for you to pause your life and help the others play theirs. BREAK IT!! Because if you don’t, you’re going to lose more than just me”

“But S-”

And Sarah left without another word.


The events of earlier on played over and over in Samir’s head and after a while, he realized that by drinking these events away, it’s still won’t help fix the situation. Fady is still in the unknown, Salma married the devil incarnate, Sarah doesn’t want to talk to him (he tried calling her after she left but she didn’t pick up) and he bets Ibrahim and Nevine won’t too. He just dragged them all in a useless drama pit that he could have avoided had it not been for his determination to find Fady. Why was Samir keen on finding a person who made it very clear he didn’t want to have anything to do with him anway?

Frustrated, Samir threw in some cash on the bar next to his untouched drink and left the hotel. It was a chilly night and the urge to smoke his new musky tobacco grew stronger. Samir pulled his pipe out of his jacket pocket, lit it up and started puffing his misery and worries away. As he made his way deeper into Zamalek, a voice behind him stopped him dead in his tracks.


And it was a voice he thought he would never to get to hear anytime soon.


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