Most people hope to travel the world one day. They dream about visiting the Eiffel Tower, seeing Tokyo’s neon lights, or Scotland’s marvelous castles. However, since the real world isn't the best place to be traveling around right now, and we're all stuck at home, now is the perfect time to dig into our imagination and transport ourselves into these amazing fictional worlds!

  1. Narnia

Most of us already know C.S.Lewis’ marvelous Narnia. It’s the fantasy world we grew up in and the reason we spent so much time searching through closets. I know I’ve wasted more than my fair share of time stuck in a closet trying to find my way to Narnia.

The world of Narnia was created by the great lion Aslan, when he sang it to existence and filled it with talking animals and mythical creatures, like satyrs, centaurs, dwarves, and nymphs. Who wouldn’t want to live with talking animals and eat Turkish Delights for every meal! Just don’t take any from evil witches.

2. Caraval

Imagine experiencing a twisted, carnival-like version of Wonderland. Welcome to Stephanie Garber’s Caraval series. Caraval is an enchanted circus-like game that takes place throughout five nights. If you win, you get a magical prize from Master Legend, the creator of Caraval.

In Caraval, there are all sorts of magical, strange things; doors that change directions, mirrors that show you the past and future, and rooms that shrink and grow depending on your emotions. There are magical shops that sell valuable information and clues to help you win. but surely, everything comes with a price; it could be your darkest secret, a day of your life, or your voice. Just remember, it's only a game, so beware of getting swept far away.

3. Aurora Academy

How about we take a leap into outer space in Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman’s Aurora Rising and join Aurora Academy? Get trained to fight, negotiate, and communicate with alien races all while learning to fix and fly spaceships.

After graduating, you get to take on missions all over the galaxy and pick your own squad in which everyone has a specific role. Did I mention you get your own spaceship as well? Although I'm not sure how I'll feel about unfriendly aliens trying to blast me out of space, I'm already filling in my application!

4. Hogwarts

This one’s for the Harry Potter fans waiting for their Hogwarts letters. In the world of J.K.Rowling, you get to be sorted into your house and learn everything starting from simple charms to the dark arts. But first, make sure you avoid dark creepy corridors and annoying ghosts flying around (I’m looking at you, Peeves)

If you’re the athletic type, get your broomstick and join the Quidditch team. Don’t forget to ask your parents permission for your trip to Hogsmeade! I know I’d do anything for a Butterbeer and some of Honeydukes’ delicious candy.

5. Camp Half-blood

Now to Rick Riordan’s mythological world. How cool would it be if you discover you’re a Demi-God and get to go to a camp where all the Greek myths are real. You get to train with all sorts of weapons and powers to fight against monsters. There’s pegasus to practice flying with, as well as other mythological beings, and the activities director is even a centaur.  Plus, it’s a summer camp, so at the end of the day, you get to sit with your cabin-mates around the massive campfire and eat and sing together.

These places might be fictional, but to me, they are my comfort zones, especially during times like these. One positive thing about visiting these fictional worlds during this difficult time is realizing that our world, too, can get its happy ending. For now, though, let's travel using our imagination and enjoy the adventure!

What About You?

Do you have a favorite fictional world that you just love to transport to right now? Did any of the above make you want to live there? What about creating your own fictional world? Let us know in the comments!