Do teenagers ever get a break from the criticism? I know I don’t! Especially because I live in a house full of people. Often, they think that they are helping us, but sometimes, it can be hard to handle. If you suffer from the same thing, here are some tips which, I hope, can help you deal with criticism….

1.       Give Yourself a Break!

As teenagers, we usually tend to blame ourselves for others' comments, but if the comment cannot help you in any way, and is just purely negative, then you shouldn't take it personally. You did nothing to deserve such a thing; the person is probably just projecting their bad feelings onto you. You're not perfect, no one is, so stop trying to live up to others' expectations. My mother helps me deal with the criticism I get from the rest of the family. She would always say "Open your imaginary umbrella, don't let the negativity fall on you, let it flow beside you. And have your own shiny world under that umbrella."


2.       Bite your Tongue

I know the rage you really want to get out as soon as someone says something not particularly nice, but before you do that, take a deep breath. Don't get defensive right away (they’ll believe you're just an irrational teen), but think, "Can this comment help me improve myself?" If it can, discuss it with the person, ask for their help and listen to their point of view. If it can't, take it with a smile and thank them, then forget it.


3.       Filter the Negativity Away

As Dale Carnegie said, "No one kicks a dead dog", which means that you must've done “something” to grab the attention of others. Jealousy could be a reason you get negative comments. So in a way, criticism, in this case, is actually a compliment in disguise. So, turn that negativity into positivity and be happy about accomplishing something others didn't.


4.       It Starts at Home

One of my family members, who can only be classified as a critic, sometimes gets on the nerves of the whole family, leading to many disagreements in the house. I discovered that by listening to her and taking her advice (or solely just agreeing with her), not only do I manage to avoid a fight, but I also make her happy, which apparently stops her from criticizing other people for a while. Of course, not all people are like that.

If your house is a place where you get a lot of negative comments, I advise you to work on it. Try consulting an understanding adult to help out as it will help you get along better with your parents and siblings. But to do that, you need to understand your family, understand what makes them happy, and most importantly, understand their concerned point of view. By being able to tackle a critic at such a young age, you get a great advantage as you'll have a better understanding of people and will be able to manage criticism much better in the future.


What about you?

Teens, I hope the advice given could help you out! In all cases, just make sure to smile! How do you deal with criticism? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.