It was my first visit to the new City Centre Almaza Mall ( back when we could go out shopping like normal people) when I stumbled on this fascinatingly intriguing store. Lined with mirrors and stacked with shelves of the most captivatingly unique collection of the hottest trendiest sunglasses I have ever seen in Cairo. I’ve been having a strong urge to buy some new big trendy Gucci-esque sunnies but haven't found the right pair in any of the regular stores like Maghraby or Baraka. Then I stumbled on this beauty called Posh Shades, a store made of my sunglass fashion dreams…

I loved everything, the glasses, the mirrors, even the name! And what I think  made this particular store stand out is that their collection isn't just your average jumble of brand shades, but every piece is a trendy statement piece.

I asked the sales assistant for more information about the store. Turns out it was actually an Instagram store called Posh Shades, by Yasmine Sarwat. He mentioned that they started out selling online. You order any number of glasses you like, and a courier would come to your door, you get to try them out, pick the one you like and buy it. Just like that! I thought this was too good to be true.

I asked “well do you offer store discount offers like other stores?” [concept glass stores usually offer membership discounts for members of certain sporting clubs or universities, etc]

He replied no.

Aha! I knew it was too good a place to be true. Nevertheless, a couple of the shades had caught my attention, I was intrigued to investigate more. I DMed them on Instagram and expressed my interest in their shades and dismay at their lack of a similar service to that of other stores. I must say they were super friendly and more than willing to cooperate and make me, the client, happy. Offering a fairly satisfying discount as compensation for the lack of that particular service.

So, I asked for a couple of the glasses to be delivered to my address. They were very happy to oblige. Their delivery service even includes a credit card swipe machine in case you need to pay in plastic not cash.

I received the courier at the set date and time. He arrived with the glasses I asked for and gave me the space and time I needed to take a look and try them out. All three were beautiful, my only comment at the time was that some of them were missing things like the authenticity card or microfiber fabric. I remarked about that to the courier and he contacted Ms. Sarwat right away. She contacted me after explaining that it was a mistake by the sales assistant sending samples directly from display rather than a packaged one.

I must say I loved not only the friendliness of the service, but how quick they were to respond to a mistake. I’m a firm believer in good service, but I do understand human error is unavoidable. It’s how you deal with these errors that really speaks of you as a brand.

I finally got my glasses, with a generous discount. Quite excited about rocking these. I’m quite delighted with this purchase and having discovered this charming playhouse for fashion-crazy gals like me [or guys]. If you are looking for a new pair of super trendy shades, I definitely recommend this place, whether you like to shop in person or enjoy their excellent service from the comfort of your home. These guys have definitely ticked all the happy boxes in the client department.

Note: This review was not paid for. This experience was entirely my own with no indication of who I was or that I intended to write about it in any way.

What do you think of Posh Shades?

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