Students are on vacation, others are having online sessions, employees are working from home, and others have less working hours or are working on a rotational basis. The government and medical healthcare officials are advising everybody to stay at home, everything is closed by 6:00 PM other than the grocery shops and pharmacies. Are you feeling depressed, bored, and anxious? In this article, I will give you several reasons on how to take this period in your favor. Let’s take a look at what we can do in this partial quarantine that we have.

1. Professional Development


If you never had the time to take a course for the hobby you wanted to develop, Udemy is making great offers on a lot of courses, starting from photography, video editing, to marketing and much more, a lot of the courses they offer are free of charge. But check it as soon as possible, because most of the offers only last for 2 days.

Coursera is also providing certificates for all of its courses. The biggest universities like Yale and Harvard are offering online courses in all fields. As a student, it is great to have several different skills when you graduate; it will make you a great caliber when you get into the labour market and you will be one of the top talents. I would recommend you to take an Excel Course, Marketing and Business Studies, Powerpoint, and Data Analysis because of their wide applicability to many different jobs.

2. Reading books


It seems like a very simple thing, but many of us don't have the time and sometimes the money to get new books. You can get a free month on SCRIBD without a credit card and enjoy over 1 million books from all genres. Bibliotheca Alexandrina has also uploaded all of its books online, and you can access them without any subscriptions. Many students underestimate the importance of reading books, but it is one of the most important skills that you need to attain before graduation as you will need to read a lot throughout your career to develop yourself and enhance your knowledge. You can start by short stories, fictional stories, or related topics to your field of study.

3.Go around the world


Yes, you can see the world, while you sit on your couch since many websites offer virtual tours of many museums, art galleries, and historical places. You’ll be able to zoom in and get to know every corner of the place, and if you have a virtual reality headset, you’ll have a very realistic experience inside these places.

4. Volunteer your time

People think that by staying at home, you will not be able to do good and show kindness to others, but fortunately, they are very wrong.This is the best time to show solidarity with each other so we can get through this difficult time. You can do a lot of things like cook food and distribute among your old neighbours who live alone, offer to get them their groceries, or you could help them order what they need online through Jumia or Breadfast, which offer free of charge delivery. And, don’t forget to minimize contact with them, for their safety. You can also help out by buying your groceries from the small stores instead of the big ones as in these times the small businesses always suffer the most.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for what we can do while quarantined at home. And always remember you can turn the situations into your favor!