Welcome to the second round of the Battle of the Burgers! This one’s for all the mushroom lovers out there. I went around and tried our 5 contestants’ mushroom burgers to see who does it better according to my criteria: quality and juiciness of the burger patty, freshness and taste of the mushroom, and the choice of extras.

5 – TGI Friday’s: Swiss Mushroom (Americana Plaza)

I had higher expectations to be honest. The burger was too dry, the mushrooms weren’t that special, and there weren’t enough mushrooms for a sandwich with the name of “Swiss Mushroom”. Plus, the combination of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions hid the other flavours. So, overall, it was just a meh-burger that I didn’t bother finishing. (Side note: The Southwest potato twisters are great. And of course. . .the buffalo wings.)

4 – Fuddruckers: Swiss Melt (Dokki)

The burger patty was slightly burnt from the edges (why is it that whenever I order a well-done burger from Fuddruckers, it ends up burnt?). So, my first impression of the burger wasn’t that good as the first bite tasted really weird. Then, it got better. The sauce started to appear, and the flavors came to life. I had a hard time finishing it as the burger was not juicy enough for me, plus it needed more sauce! The balsamic onion relish was on point, it added a lot to the sandwich; unlike the sauteed mushrooms which needed more flavor.

3 – Burger Joint: Mushroom Burger (Zamalek)

It was the only place that was generous with the quantity of ingredients: mushrooms, cheese, sauce, and onions. To be honest, neither the mushrooms, nor the onions had a distinctive taste, and the mushroom didn’t seem fresh – probably canned. The burger was fine as well, despite the fact that the meat wasn’t of the highest quality. Overall, the sandwich had the feel of a homemade burger… a pleasing one! All that, and their price was really low compared to others.

2 – BurgerFuel: Mushroom Meltdown (Dokki)

The burger tasted fine – not too meaty, but slightly crusty and burnt. It was not too dry. The sauces were tasty and different, and the mushrooms were fresh. They just need to add more mushrooms and cheese, and remove the onions because although the burger was flavourful, it leaned towards a basic burger- not a mushroom meltdown.

1 – Butcher’s Burger: Portobello Mushroom + Mushroom Burger  (Zamalek)

I must say that, although, my first experience went horribly wrong with the burger being burnt out, and the portobello mushrooms tasting really weird deeming it basically inedible, I do not regret giving them a second chance. I tried out their Mushroom burger, which I definitely enjoyed every bit of, along with the Portobello mushroom; that, I did not enjoy as much. The Mushroom burger truly was a proper one. Although, it wasn’t as juicy as I usually prefer, I didn’t mind it at all. The Portobello mushroom wasn’t my taste, especially with me not being a fan of rocket leaves and all. So, I liked the Mushroom burger better. The ingredients were in harmony, and gave a delightful product.

So, price and taste wise, Butcher’s burger is ahead in the competition; however, their consistency is somehow questionable. But, let’s be real, who’s isn’t?

Now, Here are the rating points:

Mushroom burgers are not rare, but it doesn’t seem like there are many places that do it quite right. So here’s a message to all burger restaurants: add more mushrooms, will you? Oh, and stop burning my burgers!

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Your thoughts?

Have you tried any of the places we mentioned? Which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!