*Disclaimer: This battle is based on personal preference; of course, every type of burger has its lover.*

For a while now, I’ve been investigating the burger scene in Egypt to find my favorite; and so, I’m inviting you to join me on this journey full of burgers to find the best one yet.

On the first round of the Battle of the Burgers, we’ll have 4 contestants which have blue cheese as a common ingredient. May the odds be ever in your flavor!

4 – Buffalo Burger: Blue Cheese (Branches: Syria St. and Zamalek)

Well, there was barely any sauce because the blue cheese crumbles were just too much – even for a blue cheese lover! However, the bun was distinctive. On the other hand, the burger was tacky, not bad, but the meat doesn’t feel very meaty. If you like it over the top, that’s your call. On a side note, I tried their Charbroiled and Animal Style burgers and I can’t say they were bad, I even ate the onions (which is a good sign). So they need to up their blue cheese game a bit!

Summing up, Buffalo Burger isn’t much of a competition, but we can’t say they don’t do burgers, can we?

Buffalo Burger: Blue Cheese


3 – Mince: Blue (Zamalek)

It was the first time for me to try Mince, and even though I had my hopes up, I ended up a bit disappointed! The burger was far from juicy; it was rather average and dry, but the sauce and cheese altered my opinion – they were quite tasty. The bun was good and fresh, as opposed to the beef bacon – which was rigid. I tried Mince Original (without onions and pickles) and still the same problem: dry burger. I gave Mince another shot and had Juicy Lucy; this time they lost me, and honestly I couldn’t finish it. I don’t like pickles, but in some cases I enjoy them – and this was not one. The pickles were so bad and ruined the sandwich for me; but, if you’re a fan of pickles you might like it. So overall, if they upgrade the quality of their burgers, things would be so much better.

Mince: Blue


2 – Willy’s Kitchen: Blue Ribbon (Thawra St.)

Okay, this was good! The bun was fine, but the burger kind of felt like kofta and minced meat by the end (?), but we have to talk about the blue cheese sauce with the pomegranate onion molasses; IT IS DELICIOUS! It’s unique and guaranteed to make me visit again. I really enjoyed it, but they can improve their burger’s quality.

Willy’s Kitchen: Blue Ribbon


1 – The Burger Factory: French Man [without onion jam] (Zamalek)

I have to admit, I enjoyed every bite of this burger. It was scrumptious; absolutely delicious. The blue cheese and garlic mayo went well together, the beef bacon is excellent, the bun is okay, but most importantly, their juicy burger is top-notch! I think the onion jam would’ve ruined this, other than the Frenchman, I had Burger Factory, Cheezy Cheese, Shrooms, and Cowboy – was not disappointed.

The Burger Factory: French Man


And here are the rating points:

I must say, these are some of the not-so-many places that make blue cheese burgers and, at least some of them, are doing it right!

Have you tried any of these burgers? Your recommendations are welcome in the comments, and see you next round!