Hey CC readers! Hope you’re having a great summer so far. This week I’m taking you through a journey of mine (one that’s in my head of course!) about my thoughts on the concept of soulmates.


Do soulmates even exist?

This concept has always dazzled me and kept me questioning its existence for as far as I can remember. Don’t you think it’s so interesting that out of more than 7 billion people in this world, there is one person who completes you and brings out your true self? Well I always did, but when I was young I couldn’t make out whether this myth was actually true or if it’s just one of those things people create for God knows what reasons!

After growing up a little more and experiencing different relationships with different people, I realized that it was truly hard to find someone whom you could get along with on all terms, whom you feel so free with; there always had to be at least one thing getting in the way. So I decided, back then, that soulmates do exist, but not specifically in a romantic way; so your soulmate doesn’t have to be your significant other you share an intimate relationship with, but any person that you feel is a lock to your key as they put it, regardless of their age, gender or looks. So by my terms, my soulmate could be my best friend, sibling, or anyone I get that unique once-in-a-lifetime connection with.

Is your soulmate only your loved one?
Is your soulmate only your loved one?

Origins of the Myth

According to Greek mythology, as stated in the book The Symposium, in ancient Greece people where created with four arms and four legs instead of just two. So in fear of the humans’ power, Zeus, a Greek God, decided to split each person into two, to make them less powerful by spending the rest of their lives searching for their other half to complete them. This theory is one of my favorites, even though it really makes no sense whatsoever, but it gives me hope to assume that I have someone out there who is my other half, literally!

“…I have someone out there who is my other half, literally!”


How ‘Soulmates’ Are Now

It happens to be a trend now to call people your ‘soulmate’. It’s always been strange to me how people would name someone close to them their ‘soulmate’, then sometime later call someone else that. Often I even find people who have countless soulmates. That just goes against the entire idea that it is something special, and fit for one person only.

There is a fine line between someone close to you, and your soulmate. So the next time you think of someone as your soulmate, see if this person is here to help you grow and become who you’re meant to be.

That’s deep. But it’s also true…


As for me

So maybe I’d meet my soulmate later and never realize I did, or even that I already have and maybe never acknowledged it. That’s something I’ll never know, as such issues related with feelings and connections are not as easy to experience as they are to discuss.

So to me, soulmates are still something I believe in, and I admire it for adding hope and passion to our world which greatly lacks both nowadays.

“… soulmates are still something I believe in…”


Till next time…

Do tell me what you think, whether or not you believe in soulmates, already have one, or think it’s all just stupid! Leave a comment below!