Autumn Treasures and Edible Delights!

Cairo Flea Market is Egypt’s first community flea market, and was founded in 2012 by Wasabi Experience. There’s lots of stuff to be found here — jewelry, clothes, used books, art — but most important to me is the food! I’ve attended this event about four times now, and I’m always amazed by the varied products that are available. This time it had the theme of Autumn Treasures. I felt like a baked potato after about five minutes of walking around, so I can’t say I felt a strong autumn vibe, but that wasn’t really the event coordinator’s fault, was it?

A (very) sunny day in Zamalek!

When I got to the Fish Garden in Zamalek, where the Market is usually held, I headed straight for Cookista. I haven’t had any decent jam in a month! It was terrible. I had to get my artisanal jam fix ASAP. Cookista makes handmade, seasonal jams, with no preservatives or unpronounceable ingredients. Their apple & ginger jam is to die for. I had it on feteer once, and it made Ode to Joy play in my head. I got the strawberry jam for 35 LE, and the apple & ginger for 55 LE. (Apples are expensive nowadays.)

So many delicious concoctions!

Next up was My Jar! I remember My Jar from the first time I attended the Cairo Flea Market, particularly because the man in the booth was kind and eager for me to try all of his delicious products! His booth is ingenious because, unlike his rivals, you don’t have to specifically ask for a taste — everything is already set up waiting for you to try! This was especially useful, because there were a lot of names I didn’t recognize — what even is Olive Tapenade?? I still don’t know, but it tasted delicious!

Gaze upon the bread! (On the left is the sourdough, and on the right is the multigrain.)

One newcomer I was very interested in seeing is Bread & Butter. Bread options can be a bit lackluster in this country, but options are appearing everyday! Bread & Butter offered a loaf of sourdough for 50 LE, and a loaf of multigrain bread for 60 LE. I tried a sample of the sourdough, and I loved it; it was soft, chewy, and filling. Perfect for a sandwich!

Layers of Happiness, indeed

Another booth that I had never seen before was Louka’s Layers of Happiness! And boy, did she live up to the name! Her booth had jars of layered desserts, like a trifle. There were several options of cheesecakes, with different pairings, and even a healthy granola and yogurt option! Everything was either 30 or 35LE.

“Finally, it was time for lunch.”

Finally, it was time for lunch. There were a few options, but to be honest, other than Formula Onederful (a great juice place that comes every time), none of them looked amazing. I usually just spring for shawarma at this event, but I wanted something special that I couldn’t get anywhere else. However, the options were over priced and not that exciting. In the end, I got a sausage wrap from Minnie’s Dried Fruits & Vegetables. It was pretty clever of them to make a sandwich out of their own sausages, but I have to say, it wasn’t worth the 40 LE. They put sausages with some salsa on two pieces of pita bread, cut and wrapped in such a way to emulate a real wrap. I think it should have been cheaper and had more sausage, but I still enjoyed it. I wouldn’t buy the wrap again, but I would buy their sausages.

The CFM logo

All in all, a great day for food! I got sunstroke after walking in the sun for three hours, but I left with a new bag and lots of food! And that’s all that really matters.