Photo Source

Guest Contribution by Passant Ahmad.

He speaks to me so softly like the sound of the sea waters sweeping the sand
He touches my skin so gently like a smooth wind breeze that sends shivers across my body
He sets me free like a bird fluttering in the morning sky
He hugs me and never lets go, the way the sky holds the sun until it decides to leave.

He looks at everything so fondly with his deep sparkling eyes that make me want to dive in and see the world through them
It makes me so mad that when he is miserable he says he is blue, because he is always blue,
In the most beautiful way possible.

He is blue but never lifeless
He is blue like the night sky and the way it makes stars shine brighter
He is blue and the earth wouldn’t be beautiful without him.

So the next time he says he is blue, I hope he is feeling as infinite as the night sky
I hope he is feeling as strong as the sea waves that can wreck anything disturbing them
I hope he is feeling as hopeful as the sky after rain
I hope he is feeling as free as he makes me feel
I hope he is feeling everything and anything but miserable.