November is the month when so many people are waiting for just one thing: Black Friday! For the majority of people, especially women; Black Friday means indulging in the two things they love the most: SHOPPING and SALES. I went on a little shopping tour to check what every girl’s favorite shops are offering on this highly anticipated day. And guess what, I found that the sales are not just for one day, they range from 3 days to even a week in some shops. So, based on my fruitful shopping trip, I present you the guide to the best shopping experience on Black Friday!


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This is one of those stores that mostly everyone agrees on. You, me & even my mum. It’s a classical choice, and always a great store to start with. While this may be the case on every day of the year; it is not the case on black Friday. On this day, the collections available are usually outdated and some of them are even old seasonal stocks that the shop needs to get rid of. And when you come across a good item, it most probably won’t have a discount on it! Don’t worry, there is still a silver lining to the situation. Zara has its own shopping application where you can check available items, sizes and colors, and skip the never ending queues.

Black Friday days are: 29 November

Pull and Bear

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Honestly, it’s an underrated store! I just love the different materials of the items they offer. Especially their blazers and jackets. They are perfect for the working women who want to remain on trend with the latest patterns and colors. So, give this store a chance if you’re looking for formal clothes. But beware because the good stuff, like the fur jackets, are not on sale — obviously!

Black Friday days are: 28, 29, 30 November


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I know that this one is a favorite for all of us looking for unique pieces to end the year with. They always have fancy tops, dresses for New Year's Eve, and plenty of other cool stuff. But sorry guys, it’s one of these stores that never does Black Friday, like ever! So, don’t waste a lot of time on it;  you can always do that shopping later!

Black Friday days are: Never!


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H&M is the go-to-store for pure casuals. You can rarely find outstanding pieces in it, but when you do; they are really worth it. However, because it’s the home for essentials; you should give it a try. Just like Zara, H&M just launched their shopping website. Using it will save you a hell of time, and it will automatically keep you aware of the available items and those out of stock.

Black Friday days are: 27,28, 29 November


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Another one worth the mention is Pixi. I love their collection of shoes. On Black Friday, not only can you find boots, but you can also find some hidden gems of remaining summer collections like heels and sandals with the cheapest price ranges of 200-300 L.E. Pixi offers a maximum of 70% discount on most items, So hurry up and have the best shoe shopping experience!

Black Friday days are: 23 - 29 November

What are your plans for this year's Black Friday?

Do you have your sights set on some items? Do you think it’s worth the hype? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!