Peanut butter — delicious and nutritious!

Peanut butter is more of an American thing than an Egyptian one, but the interest is starting to transfer over here too, though the price can be a bit off-putting. Back in the day, peanut butter was virtually unknown in Egypt, so the only kinds you could get were the imported ones.

Now, buying imported goods is more difficult than ever. If the product is even available in the store, the prices have skyrocketed. Don’t be too sad though; there are now a few Egyptian-based companies that produce peanut butter, and I’ve tried a few of them because I love peanut butter… I mean.. you!

So what have I found?



Yup, you can buy peanut butter from Lychee! Lychee is a smoothie and juice bar that offers a lot of healthy food products, among which is peanut butter. All of their nut butters are sugar-free, but you can get it sweetened with honey or stevia. The only problem I have with it is that they make it with raw peanuts, not roasted peanuts. This changes the flavor, and you can see it in the color. Other than that, it’s yummy, and very natural: it’s literally just peanuts and whichever sweetener you choose. You can get it in any branch of Lychee (just call them to check for availability).

Price: 200g for 25EGP, or 500g for 55EGP.



A company that specializes in all kinds of nut butters, Fino’s sells both crunchy and creamy peanut butter, and they’re available sweetened or unsweetened. Fino’s products are available in Sunny Market in Zamalek, and you can also order delivery.

Delivery costs extra, depending on where you live. They have a ton of variety as well — you can get other kinds of nut butters, and also peanut cocoa butter! Oh, my heart.


  • Peanut Butter (crunchy or creamy): 350g for 55EGP, or 530g for 75EGP
  • Peanut Cocoa: 350g for 60EGP, or 530g for 80EGP

Please note that Lychee and Fino’s peanut butter are natural and non-processed, so it might split. This means that the natural oils will rise to the top. That is totally normal. All you have to do is mix the peanut butter, or store the jar upside down.



And now, we have the less healthy brand. Picky is basically the Egyptian equivalent of Jiff, and we are all thankful for it. Lychee and Fino’s may be healthier and non-processed, but the hard truth is that processed peanut butter is easier. Picky peanut butter doesn’t split, is creamier, and is sweet. You can get it crunchy or creamy, and they even have sugar-free peanut butter sweetened with honey!

Price: 350g for 36EGP, or 900g for 63EGP

In conclusion, if you want a snack that includes peanut butter, I would recommend either Lychee or Fino’s. However, if you’re thinking about baking, Picky would be the best choice.

What do you think?

Do you like these brands? Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments!