As a fresh graduate from University, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I started asking myself a lot of questions about my passions, and what my next step should be, which made me so stressed out that it prevented me from taking any further steps in my life. I had heard about volunteering programs abroad and how it can help me get over my stress and clear my head. I decided to volunteer in Sri Lanka: an island nation next to India that is not a well-known destination for Egyptians.

From then on, a passion for traveling has been evolving inside of me. But with the many obstacles to traveling abroad, like high prices and getting a visa, I started to think with a new perspective. 

Backpacking around Egypt.

But one question is always raised, why should we travel in our home country? Answer is: It would allow me to see a lot of new places and discover the heritage of my country. Let’s discuss the reasons that would make anyone think about discovering their home country.

1. It works for full-time employees and around busy schedules

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It is great for people who cannot get a vacation regularly, or those who do not have time to plan for traveling abroad and can’t deal with all the hustle and the large preparation phase that it requires.

2. Affordability

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You can say goodbye to visa costs, exchange rates, and airfare. You can go by your car or bus, and you will not     get caught in any annoying tourist traps that charge you excess fees.

3. Break the routine and keep things fresh

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The best thing is that you can travel on the weekends. The trip could extend from one day to 5 days, without getting a vacation leave. Instead of going to a restaurant or the cinema, and getting bored, why not try to get out of your comfort zone and stay in another city for 2 days. I assure you, it will increase your productivity, and you will feel like you have done something different.

 4. Easy to plan and easy to communicate

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No language barriers or cultural shocks. Not so many things to plan before travelling, less packing, and easy travel. You can even decide on travelling one day before going to your destination.

Wondering why you have not had the best travel experience yet? No worries. I am Raghda and we are going to plan your next trip together. Are you excited?


Did you travel before inside the country? Do you wish you can travel,but don’t know how to do it? If you have, share your story of how you planned a trip inside Egypt in the comments.