Have you ever wanted to buy books, but just didn’t know where to go? There are more bookstores in Egypt than you'd think. Don't worry though, here's a quick tour of some of the bookstores I've gone to and what you’ll find in them.

My Favorite!

Let me start with my favorite bookstore, Cherry Blossom Books: a cute little store and every bookworm's haven. It's fair to say that CBB has the widest selection of English books, and with reasonable prices compared to other stores.

Also, anime lovers, they have lots of Manga! They're always getting new releases and new editions, as well as restocking old ones. They also take special orders now and then, with no extra fees. The books are all original and always in perfect condition.

There's only one branch, located in El Rehab City, but fortunately, you can order online from their website and get your books delivered to your doorstep.

Check out their website: http://cherryblossom-books.com/

For Used or Vintage Books

Sour El Azbakya is like a little narrow maze filled with small stores. You can find all sorts of books there, and the prices depend on the condition of the book. Personally, it's my least favorite place to go, as it's almost always crowded (unless you go super early), but I have to admit that I got some pretty cool purchases from there.

You can easily go there by metro, get off at El Ataba station, and you'll find it right outside.

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/YPeAZqFRFePUzoiBA

Maadi Used Books is a small nook that is filled by used books, located in Maadi. The prices vary depending on the condition of the book. It can be a bit difficult to search through the ceiling-high stacks of books. I went there with a specific list in mind; I didn't find any of it there, but I did find a lot of hidden gems. So if you ever go there, be prepared to spend hours lost in books.

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/iTXgq3mwD8PcEYD8A

Also, there’s a group on Facebook called Used Books Egypt, where people sell their books. Some of them can even be brand new with half the original price off.

More Bookstores!

We have Diwan, which might be the most expensive out there, but it usually has a good selection of books, as well as some new releases. They also have a small section for used books.

They have several branches, you can check their website for the nearest one to you, and you can also order online from their website.

Website: https://www.diwanegypt.com/storefront/Mhome2.aspx

Virgin Megastores has a section for books, Manga and graphic novels. They usually have some new releases and collector's editions of famous books. You might not find everything you're looking for there, but if you do, the prices are usually okay.

They have branches in Mall of Arabia, City Stars, Cairo Festival City, and Mall of Egypt.

El Shorouk bookstores have prices that aren't bad, yet they're not very up-to-date with new releases. However, they have lots of classic literature. They have several branches, and you can order online from their website as well.

Website: https://www.shoroukbookstores.com/

Now, I've done my part, and the rest is up to you. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, visit the nearest bookstore or check out your preferable website and get yourself some books!

What about you?

Where do you get your books? What’s your favorite bookstore? Tell us your top picks in the comments below!