Written by Aya Telmissany

Photo by Chris Frailey

‘Desert Rain’

Eyes dry and dusty, a heart so rusty

She cries soundless deserts of pain

She lets out a sigh, face to the sky

And tries to love again

Torn between what is and what must be,

She finally chooses the Rain

She would rather drown in endless oceans

Or swim in the darkness of her brain

With utter and complete devotion

Than go through another


“Ravage your heart into a paper boat…”



The thought

Of its words

As it goes

Down your throat

Let it fill your hollow

Gut and leave

It there afloat

Ravage your

Heart into a

Paper boat

Let it sink

Into your

Every thought

Then unfold

The drippy craft

To read what

You wrote

“You wrote of stars and oceans…”


You wrote of stars and oceans

And the way she makes you feel.

But never of the emotions

Which you try to conceal

You wrote of every motion

Of her eyes as they turn teal.

But not of the remotion

Not of the raw deal.

It’s as if she gave you a love potion

From which you never heal.

You wrote of every notion,

But you never wrote of me

You never wrote

of all that’s real

“You stand on the edge…”


Of all that’s real,

You are the furthest from reality.

Of all that’s not,

You are the closest to totality;

You stand on the edge

of death and immortality.

You border on madness

but swim in rationality;

You are the sweet beginning

And the only eventuality

Photo by ALAMY


And the only eventuality

Of all living things

is stone and dirt.

Death in all its banality

is life;

Only less curt.

It’s the briefest form of eternity

And it comes to blurt

A breath cold and musty

in our faces while we spurt

Towards what must be

With eyes dry and dusty

-Aya Telmissany