It's that time of the year again! Christmas and New Year’s are almost here! What better way to spend the holidays than snuggled up in a comfy sweater with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book? Here are some great reads to keep you company during the holidays!

  1. A Christmas Carol

A classic that everyone should read at least once in their lives just to experience its magic: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The story isn’t like other heavy literature classics; it’s intriguing and creative. We see Scrooge (a grumpy, lonely old man who’s always mean to others) as he meets with the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. We watch as he learns the truth about everything; slowly melting his heart and becoming a better version of himself. A Christmas Carol teaches a lot of timeless truths; it reminds us of how one life affects another and how we should always be kind to each other!

2. Winterdream

Winterdream is a beautiful retelling of The Nutcracker by Chantal Gadoury. With Christmas on the horizon, Clara’s magical Uncle Drosselmeyer returns with his wondrous dancing contraptions, and one very special gift for Clara; a nutcracker. Clara is soon beckoned to the magical land of Winterdream for the greatest adventure of her life. She tries to save the Nutcracker and defeat the evil mouse king. The novel is romantic, whimsical, and perfect for the Christmas season.

3. Let It Snow

Let It Snow is a book of three interconnected short stories. In Maureen Johnson’s The Jubilee’s Express, Jubilee is on a train to Florida to spend Christmas with her grandparents, when a snowstorm hits. The train is forced to stop in small Gracetown. Luckily, she meets someone who is willing to help her.

In John Green’s A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, a group of cheerleaders who were on the same train as Jubilee, decide to practice their routines at the local Waffle House, which prompts a boy called Tobin and his friends, to go on an adventure to the Waffle House despite the snowstorm. Throughout their journey; they find unexpected love.

Lastly, in Lauren Myracle’s The Patron Saint of Pigs, Addie tries to prove to her friends that she’s not self-absorbed by picking up her friend’s pig from the pet store. It all goes wrong when  she forgets it and has to run off looking for the person who took it. With a good amount of heartwarming amusement and cringe-worthy moments, this book is a good read if you want to get a good laugh and experience some Christmas magic.

I hope these books can get you in the holiday spirit like they do me. Now, what are you waiting for?! Take your time off, kick back, and enjoy your book with some hot chocolate. Happy holidays everyone!

What about you?

What do you like to read during the holidays? What are your top picks for this magical season? Tell us about them in the comments below!