It is, indeed, a wonderful life

One of the pitfalls of watching too many movies is that you tend to escape reality and often end up feeling like your actual life is insignificant and uneventful. Most movies are a constant reminder that you have no superpowers, you have no patience or intelligence like that scientist, and that your romantic life is boring as hell. This is not because movies intend to do so, it’s just because they only show you the peak moments: the peak moments of success, romance, failure, illness, or more precisely a dissection of a part of a life. On the other hand, very few movies show us people who are similar to us or people we can relate to and even fewer movies emphasize the beauty of life itself.

Hoping to charge you with some positive energy and make you appreciate life, I took it upon myself to bring you a few of these experience-enriching movies. Here are the 5 movies I came across.


  1. About Time

Tim (Domnhall Gleeson), and Mary (Rachel McAdams) – Tim’s little family


Although time travel is the main plot line of this movie and you will definitely have deep feelings of envy towards Tim,- our hero in question. But trust me it’s not just another superpower movie. It’s all about the beauty of life and of its details. You’re going to get a strange desire to smell the roses, kiss your loved ones and babysit your nephew by the end of this movie.


  1. Collateral Beauty

(Will Smith) as Howard takes on the role of mentor


This movie starts with Howard, a charismatic leader, asking his employees the deep question: “What is your why? Why did you even get out of bed this morning?” He then gives them the answer in the very same sentence by simply stating the three pillars of life: love, time and death. In Howard’s own words: “At the end of the day we long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death.” The movie is a philosophical quest for those three life pillars. Throughout Howard’s story, you start to wonder if life is even worth living, but then you’re hit with the collateral beauty of the very things we presume to be life tragedies.


  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Joel (probably Jim Carrey’s greatest role), and Clementine ( Kate Winslet)


Who doesn’t love a breakup classic? It’s no wonder why so many people love this movie and if you haven’t watched it, where are you? This one is about making memories. You know how you sometimes feel like you want to erase horrible career decisions or relationships that went totally wrong? You’ll learn to appreciate the memories of every bad experience you’ve had and realize that these memories, literally, make you who you are.


  1. It’s A Wonderful Life


(James Stewart) as George Bailey, in one of Hollywood’s greatest movies of all time


We all get these moments when we feel like our life is passing by without us accomplishing any of our dreams. We think that by a certain age, we will have it all figured out, but our decisions and our luck don’t always walk hand in hand with our life goals. This 1946 movie is dedicated to appreciating life as it is, because no matter how insignificant our own lives may seem to us, we still make a difference with every step we take.


      5- Inside Out


Emotions are characters in this Pixar flick


This is my absolute favorite one. The Pixar-Disney animated movie takes us inside the mind of an eleven-year-old girl called Riley. While we travel inside Riley’s mind, we travel inside our own minds as well. We reflect on our emotions, our memories and what shapes our personalities. And we learn that even the complicated emotions, like anger and sadness, are an important part of life and of our development.


Which movies would you add to our “appreciating life” list? Comment and let us know!