Book-hangover; a condition in which attachment to a book or series that has ended causes the reader traumatic emotional distress.”

Sometimes, after finishing a really good book, some symptoms creep in on you: feeling empty and hollow, being unable to start a new book, fearing that you’ll never find another book as good as the one you finished. This—my fellow readers—is a book-hangover. I know it’s not easy to cope with one, but here are some tips that might help!

  1. Take a Break

It’s hard to get into a new book when you’re suffering from a book-hangover, but there’s no need to pressure yourself. Just take your time going through all the scenes that overwhelmed you; re-read your favorite parts and think everything through at your own pace. If you don’t feel like reading anything, then don’t do so until you feel ready. I usually take a little break to watch some TV shows or read Manga. It helps me recover my thoughts and emotions and reminds me that there are still so many awesome books out there waiting for me to read!

2. Re-read Your Favourite Book

If you’re determined to read even though you’re not ready for something new, then reading something you’re already familiar with can be comforting. So—when in doubt—re-read one of your favorite books! You already know what will happen, so you won’t have to think too much and stress over it (not a lot, anyway). By the time you’re done, you could be ready to tackle a new book again.

3. Fandom Support

What’s better than seeking comfort from a group of people who know exactly what you’re going through and how you feel? Or in other words: A Fandom. All the people in the fandom experienced every emotion you did, so they know better how to cope. You can share together some fan theories, fan art, or discuss some plot holes you were itching to figure out. But if they’re still stuck in their hangovers; you can help each other come out of this funk (or have a sobbing party). Consider it a form of group therapy!

4. Read Fanfiction

I never tried this for myself (it makes me feel like I'm betraying the original book), but a lot of my friends say that fanfiction helps. If you don’t like the ending, or simply just want to read more about the characters; you can check out some fanfiction. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s better than nothing if you’re desperate for more.

A book-hangover can be one of the worst things a bookworm can go through, yet I think it’s a necessary evil. You know it was an unforgettable, great book if it throws you in a book-hangover!

What about you?

Have you ever been through a book-hangover? How did you cope with it? Tell us all about it in the comments below!