I know, I know, everyone who has a Netflix subscription gets it for the movies and series and doesn’t even look at the documentaries or food shows. But I think it’s time you take a look at them. So, do you love food? Take pictures of what you’re eating all the time? Follow food blogs on Instagram and are a top fan on the Facebook group Kersh Keepers? Do you just love cooking and want to get some inspiration and tips? If your answer is yes to any of the previous questions, then you’ll love these food shows!

  1. Ugly Delicious

This show isn’t about ugly food, per se, but simply, about exploring delicious food, and talking about its origin and legacy. Who does it best? Who does it differently? I love the sense of humor in this show because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There was one episode about pizza where throughout the episode people argued about what toppings are allowed on a pizza!

2.  Taco Chronicles


This show was a complete surprise for me. Did you know that there are lots of different types of tacos? Neither did I!! In this show, the hosts go around Mexico and explore six of its most popular tacos. I loved learning about all the tacos’ origins, how they’re made, and who makes the best ones. My favorite part was that the narrator was the taco itself; it was really funny and added a nice personal touch.

3.  Salt Fat Acid Heat


In this show, chef and food writer Samin Nosrat explores the basis of flavor and good cooking, which are — in her opinion — salt, fat, acid, and heat. I love this show because it really made me look at food differently. It helped me understand why I love my favorite dishes, and how I could spice up a boring meal. For example, I now understand that acid is integral to every dish, so I realize that a dish I make might need some extra lemon juice or vinegar. Each episode is set in a totally different part of the world; so you also get to learn more about different foreign cultures.

4. Street Food


This show blew me away. The premise of the show revolves around exploring street food from around the globe. It’s first and, at the moment, only season is in Asia. And each episode is filmed in a different country of the continent. What I especially liked about this show was that it wasn’t focused on fancy food or fine dining, but it was focused on the food of the masses. Most of the people serving the street food aren’t rich or privileged people. These people have struggled and fought and came out on top with talent and perseverance. I loved learning about the struggles of the various food vendors, and discovering the staple foods of many Asian countries.

That’s all of them! To conclude, I don’t think these shows will make you a professional chef after you watch them, but seeing delicious food on screen is always great! If you’re not sure which one to watch, or if you even want to watch them all, be sure to check out their trailers first.

What do you think?

Are you planning to watch any of these? Did I miss any of your favorites? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!