In light of the current quarantine situation, it’s a great opportunity to get back into reading again, or perhaps, you’re already on a reading streak and need more books to occupy your time. Since you can’t plan a trip to the bookstore in these difficult times, I’ve got you covered! Here are 4 bookstores that provide an online delivery service ready to hand-over books to your doorstep.

1. The Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop

Located in old Downtown Cairo, the Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop used to be a gathering place for notable authors such as Naguib Mahfouz, Taha Hussein, and more. The most abundant books on their website are non-fiction, educational, and self-help books in both English and Arabic. Use your time to learn all about an educational subject from a wide-array of categories! This bookstore would be my go-to when I finally have the time to catch up on all the different subjects I’d like to explore. Their website is modern and incredibly easy to use, and you can access it here.    

2. Cherry Blossom Books

This lovely online bookstore is all about putting care and thought into their delivered books to ensure the best quality. From personal experience, Cherry Blossom Books is the way to go if you’re a young adult looking for that specific fiction novel that you couldn’t find anywhere else. They have an incredibly wide selection of young adult books of different genres and receiving books from them has always been such a treat ever since 2011; I can tell their packaging is made with a lot of love and care. CBB also has miscellaneous bookish items and manga! Their social media and website’s designs are quite charming, and you can visit the website here.

3. The Bookspot

This amazing bookstore, located in Maadi, was founded in 2004 by two non-Egyptian women. It’s uniqueness comes from having thousands of used and new English books with countless genres and categories that have great price ranges. Bonus point concerning online deliveries; they posted a post on Facebook explaining all the safety and hygienic measures they’re taking to deliver your books! Their website is definitely easy to use and the most practical, and it’s right here.

4.  Al Rb3 Club Bookstore

Located in famed Moez Street, Al Rb3 Club Bookstore (نادي الربع للكتاب) is a beautiful and classic place to visit. This place has to be in my top favorite physical bookstores because of their unique and old feel. They have both English and Arabic novels, but their speciality, in my opinion, lies in the famous books that are translated to many different languages. Their prices are surprisingly low when you consider the hidden gems they have. This bookstore is also the most recent to adopt a delivery service to attend to readers at home, and have been active in regards to promoting reading culture these days especially. You can check out their distinctive selection on their facebook page here.

Finally, I encourage you to dust-off your reading lists and goals and also get back into any books that you may already own but haven’t found the time to pick up till now. I know I’ve been craving books of fiction for an escape from reality and I’m definitely making a conscious effort to keep up my reading streak! Stay home, stay safe!

What are your thoughts?

What books have you been wanting to pick up lately? Back into the reading game yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below!